Ambianti Tiles

Ambianti Tiles is an intelligent lighting solution designed for use in offices, hotels, exhibition and conference centers - or wherever bright, highly controllable first-class light is required. Ambianti Tiles transform your ceiling into an ambient source of brilliant light, opening endless possibilities for playful interaction. Designed to fit perfectly into any environment, the tiles can be cut directly at the point of installation and put in place as seamlessly as any other suspended ceiling tiles. Enjoy interacting with light like never before and design your own world of intelligent ambient lighting using the Ambianti future proof software platform.

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Ambianti Tiles are used by artists, designers, researches, architects and anybody else who needs to combine properties of transitional building materials with an outmost digital intelligence to express their creativity. The possibilities are truly endless. To get inspired, have a look at a selection of our recent projects, where either a standard product line or custom-made modifications are being used for avariety of applications.

About Us

Ambianti develops high-tech building materials, combining cutting-edge digital intelligence, inventive minimalism and the flexibility of conventional building construction. Ambianti's mission is to reform architecture and industrial design by materializing innovative concepts, which integrate seamlessly into the established processes of the building sector and emancipate the way people interact with indoor environments. A number of proprietary advances in software, hardware and industrial design make it possible to realize the company's mission starting today. Patents pending.

Who we are

Ambianti was founded in 2012 in Eindhoven, the Netherlands, by an international team of engineers, scientists and experts who share the same vision and passion: to make ambient technologies part of everyday life. Ambianti brings together diverse, high-level academic backgrounds, professional expertise and extensive work experience in engineering, computer science, architecture, building construction and industrial design.


Ambianti B.V. is located in Eindhoven, The Netherlands. Find us on Google Maps

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