Seamless Installation

Turn your existing suspended ceiling into a cutting-edge ambient lighting solution right away! The Ambianti Tiles are designed as a drop-in replacement for standard suspended ceiling tiles. Just place the tiles on a drop-ceiling frame, connect them in one click, and simply plug the ceiling into an electricity supply. Once connected, the tiles automatically recognize each other's position and identify the ceiling's shape and extents, composing an intelligent distributed system that will allow you to control light like never before.


If you have ever installed a suspended ceiling, installing Ambianti Tiles will be a familiar experience. Following the suspended ceiling industry standards, each tile is 595x595 mm wide, remarkably thin (18 mm) and lightweight (4,5 kg) to ensure seamless installation. The tiles can be placed on the drop-ceiling frame in any configuration and connected to each other with a single click. Our patented technology allows the tiles to be cut at the point of installation to accommodate physical obstacles and irregular ceiling shapes, while preserving the functional intelligence. These unique features make the process of installing an Ambianti ceiling directly comparable to the process of installing any drywall system, with no additional knowledge or skills required.


Once the Ambianti Tiles are connected, they communicate with each other autonomously, forming an intelligent distributed system. Each tile knows its position and the position of others, automatically identifying the shape and extents of your Ambianti ceiling. Any modifications, such as removing a tile or cutting a piece of it, are automatically reflected in the configuration map of the ceiling. Together, the tiles compose a self-aware intelligent ceiling with infinite possibilities for the control of light over the whole space, from any device and by any means.

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“Smart” technologies often require plenty of computing power and connections to work. For its users, this means a hurdle of PC boxes, chaos of network cables and a specialized IT team on standby. Ambianti Tiles pioneer a new generation of embedded intelligent materials, where no rewiring, network or computer infrastructure is required. In fact, Ambianti Tiles form a free-standing, easily expansible infrastructure: each tile contains an extension slot where a variety of peripherals, such as Bluetooth, Wi-Fi or, for example, an alarm module can be placed to add functionality to the whole ceiling. These unique capabilities open up the way for ambient technologies to become a truly ubiquitous everyday life experience – just as you experience light with your Ambianti ceiling.