Intelligent material

Bring your office space, hotel lobby or exhibition hall to the forefront of ambient lighting by using the new generation of intelligent building materials from Ambianti. You can cut and drill Ambianti Tiles directly at the point of installation, crafting them as required in order to fit the space for creating truly ambient light experiences. Our breakthrough technology ensures the tiles adapt and blend perfectly with your environment while preserving their functional intelligence and endless possibilities for interaction with light.


A single Ambianti tile can be cut from its original size of 595x595 mm to a piece as small as 60x165 mm and remain operational. Cut it, connect it to an Ambianti ceiling, and it will work just as the full size tile. Our patented technology ensures the ceiling can become fully embedded into your environment even if the space is full of pillars, corners and curves of all kinds. The tiles can also be drilled if you would like, for example, to hang a decorative object, insert a smoke detector or a fire sprinkler system.

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While exhibiting the flexibility and durability common to the most traditional building materials, Ambianti Tiles remain a high-tech intelligent ambient lighting solution. Even when the tiles are cut or drilled, they are able to operate individually or in an Ambianti ceiling, recognizing the position and configuration of one another once connected. You can fully enjoy interaction with a ceiling containing customized tiles.


The most obvious way to use Ambianti Tiles is, of course, to place them on the ceiling and turn the lights on. However, why should you limit yourself? As any material, Ambianti Tiles allow you to utterly express your creativity and challenge your imagination to the extreme. Play with different covers or diffusing materials, embed fragments of ambient light all over your environment or create new wonderful objects to enhance everything around you with interactive intelligent light.