Tangible interaction for adaptive lighting

In cooperation with the department of Industrial Design, TU/e

In this project, Industrial Design students of the TU/e explore and evaluate the design space of tangible interaction for adaptive lighting. The students design and develop several 3D printed tangible artifacts that control an interactive lighting system of Ambianti using the intelligent point-and-play system. The project intends to raise awareness and train young industrial designers into a new era of interaction, eventually producing novel interactions that exemplify their role as designers in the era of “smart tech” and Internet of Things. The students are applying in-situ user evaluations, creative workshops and other techniques for better understanding of the potential and challenges of tangible interaction with light

Ambianti provides a system based on Ambianti Tiles that enables those explorations to come to fruition. More specifically the project focuses on the HORECA sector, where lighting is of particular importance for both functional and experiential reason. Ambianti’s wide range of control options and the variety of easily programmable tangible interfaces will allow the students to unleash their creativity simultaneously making them equitable with the technologies of future.

Tile Specs

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