Playful Interaction

Fascinating interaction with ambient light embedded in your environment becomes a common experience with Ambianti Tiles. Using a device of your choice, such as a smartphone, a tablet or a specially designed point&play control, you can instantly modify brightness, shape and position of the light sources, interacting with light like never before. Ambianti technology will turn your physical presence in space into a continuous interaction with light. No matter how you choose to interact with it, it will always be fun! 


To set up shape, brightness and position of light sources exactly the way you want becomes simple and straightforward with Ambianti Tiles. Besides using a smartphone, a tablet or a special point&play device, the possibilities to interact with light across space are almost endless, including gesture control, light-design embodied into common objects or furniture, sensor-driven intelligence and many more. You can control every single LED individually, make free-hand drawings on your ceiling, store and exchange lighting patterns and allow your creativity to boost under the bright lights of Ambianti Tiles.

Point & Play

Use an Ambianti handheld point&play remote control device to interact with light in an easy, direct and intuitive way. Point at a predefined area on the ceiling to turn it on or off, point at a lit area to modify its shape and brightness or just draw free-hand shapes on your ceiling, wherever your eyes are fixed on. Behind this seamless way of interacting with light, the revolutionary Ambianti point&play technology allows to transform virtually any object into a light-controlling artifact with a unique interaction pattern.

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A lightweight, intuitive mobile app allows you to fully control light from a smartphone or a tablet. Using the mobile app, you can design and modify lighting patterns on a particular ceiling, and save them for future use. Your designs will be stored on the ceiling itself, ensuring that you can reuse them anytime and from any other device. Thanks to this exceptional technology, it is easy to share the lighting patterns with colleagues or visitors, while remaining in control of your own lighting space.


Ambianti Tiles transform light from a simple, common utility, which could only be turned on or off, into a wonderful, personal experience. Indulge yourself in drawing on the tiles, turning the ceiling into a playground and even dance with the light. Discover your own, unique way to have fun - and share it with others.