TAC – Interactive Ambianti ceiling

Location: Temporary Art Center, Eindhoven, the Netherlands

The multifunctional interactive Ambianti ceiling is installed in the exhibition halls at Temporary Art Center (TAC) since the fall of 2014. The ceiling consists of 28 standard Ambianti Tiles . Members of TAC community enjoy exploring various technologies and interaction styles, adapting the lighting to express their creativity. The flexibility of interaction and a large variety of control modes allow for a wide range of applications. 


During the yearly Dutch Design Week show, hand-made silk fabrics are lit individually to create the most favorable lighting for each piece. The 3-D motion sensor is used to detect passers-by, dynamically highlighting the fabrics as chosen by the artist. To prevent people from touching delicate materials, the lights rapidly goes off when detecting a visitor reaching too close to the exhibit, thus gently forcing the crowd to step back.


The beauty of shiny jewelry pieces of various styles enhanced with the bright neutral white light of Ambianti Tiles. The lights can be easily adjusted to match the needs of different product types, and are therefore highly suitable for exhibition spaces.


Artists reinstate the moody atmosphere of the Buro Beukorkest exhibition by setting a gloomy flickering light pattern. For this project Ambianti worked with the artists to create lighting conditions that would enhance the experience of the viewers.


A popular garage band gives a stunning performance in a special from-behind-the-door setting under the Ambianti ceiling.


A photo shoot under the bright lights of Ambianti ceiling.

During major exhibitions taking place at TAC, such as the yearly Dutch Design Week festival, the Ambianti ceiling is used to light various parts of the expo space. Flexibility of the interaction combined with the exceptional brightness and excellent light quality allows artists, painters and designers to showcase their products in the best possible way. Musicians and actors are using dynamic control features, such as motion control, to enhance experience of the spectators during their performances. The space is also often utilized as a studio by photographers and filmmakers, who love the Ambianti ceiling for its uniform shadowless lighting beam and boundless flexibility.

Dutch hip-hop artist Wieteke uses various interactive light features to record her new music video. Wieteke used different control modes, such as 3D-motion sensors, to accompany her movements as well as the lyrics of the song.

Tile Specs

Installation size 28 Ambianti Tiles
Number of LED sources 1792
Brightness -
Chromaticity coordinates X: 0.344 Y:0.355
Color temperature 5000K
Beam angle 30
Control features Mobile apps, Ambianti Point-And-Play Controller, 3-D motion

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