Futureproof Design

If you design for the future of ambient technologies, design for the Ambianti Tiles. Our vision embraces the world where playful interaction with intelligent light is embedded into every environment, space and object. Our technology allows it to become true, opening endless possibilities for Ambianti partners and believers. Ambianti Tiles is an open platform, ready to accommodate new communication and interaction technologies be it intelligent glasses, smart watches, visible light communications, or anything one would want to use to interact with light. A revolutionary modular hardware design in combination with a powerful distributed computing platform makes it possible to extend the application of ambient technologies far beyond light. Now we can finally make the long envisioned concepts of ambient intelligence and ubiquitous computing come true – feel welcome to join!

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Ambianti enables the things around you such as decorative objects, furniture or appliances, to communicate with light. Our innovative technology allows embedding controlling sensors into the objects so that they can carry along programmable lighting patterns and transmit information about their shape, position and functionality to the Ambianti Tiles. Imagine an armchair remembering your favorite reading light settings no matter where it is moved, a painting carrying on a special lighting pattern exactly the way it was thought by the artist herself or a birthday candle that sets off festive fireworks on your ceiling.

Open platform

The Ambianti platform is an open platform, enabling Ambianti and third-party developers to design new applications, utilize novel technologies and envision innovative ways to interact with light. User experience designers and software developers can devise new functionalities and interaction means for any context, technology and user group, and implement them through (embedded) apps or controlling devices.

Furthermore, each Ambianti ceiling represents a powerful distributed computing system with a virtually unlimited potential for extending its functional applications beyond lighting. The flexibility of modular hardware design allows assigning new tasks to the ceiling, such as security monitoring, alarm systems, or, for example, tracking goods throughout the space. Ambianti welcomes designers, developers and manufacturers of relevant products and services to join as we pave the future of truly ambient technologies.