Brilliant Light

Pleasant as natural light on a warm sunny day, exceptionally bright and highly controllable, the light from Ambianti Tiles makes for an unforgettable experience. The LEDs integrated in the tiles were specifically selected for their ability to emit an enjoyable bright white light while their beam angle creates the most comfortable experience, be it for work or leisure. The flexibility of control, combined with the latest LED technology, ensures that you can fully benefit from the energy saving properties of a sustainable lighting solution. If needed, Ambianti's technology allows to implement any combination of LEDs best suitable for your lighting requirements.


Ambianti Tiles can emit exceptionally bright light, suitable for general use in large spaces, such as offices, conference rooms or hotel lobbies, as well as for specialized purposes (e.g., in a photo studio). Carrying 64 LEDs arranged on an 8x8 grid, with an average 30cd luminous intensity per LED, the tiles can reach an exceptional luminance of 5400 nit (cd/m 2), bringing Ambianti ceilings in the highest luminance class of professional luminaries.


The LEDs used in the current Ambianti product emit a pleasant bright white light. The selected color temperature of 5000K creates a luxurious experience closest to the natural sunlight on a warm day. A narrow zone of glare ensures comfortable working conditions under a bright, but not blinding, light. Nevertheless, Ambianti technology also allows to customize the product and use any other LED types according to your needs.

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Using Ambianti Tiles, you can control what you are actually lighting with great precision. Each LED can be dimmed individually, allowing for 16 levels of brightness adjustment, with a stunning additional 196 levels of adjustment per tile. The LED lights used in the current Ambianti product have a beam angle of 30°, offering a pleasant compromise between a rough edge and a blended shadow when you direct the light on an object. However, Ambianti technology also allows to customize the product and use any kind of LEDs that suit your needs.


Ambianti Tiles are built using the latest generation of high quality LEDs available on the market, ensuring you can fully benefit from the reduced energy consumption associated with the modern LED technology. What is more, depending on your usage pattern, the tiles will allow for further reduction to the energy consumption due to the added possibility of directing the light beam exactly where it is needed, when it is needed.